Electric Vehicles have huge potential to improve our lives and the way we travel. The global environmental movement seeking to combat climate change, improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions is fuelling an energy storage and EV revolution. Renewable power sources are increasingly being adopted as they capture the energy created by the natural environment and limit the release of damaging elements into the atmosphere.

Driving innovation in this space is energy storage, which holds the key to transitioning away from fossil fuel dependence and revolutionising the future of the energy landscape, propelled by government policy shifts.

One of the key challenges that is often overlooked in this transformation is the acquisition of the highly sought-after raw battery materials that will be vital for powering cars, homes, devices, and businesses in the future.

In 2017, The Pallinghurst Group identified that the ongoing EV revolution and the explosion in demand for energy storage would create unprecedented demand for battery materials, which the prevailing production levels would not be able to satisfy. Its investments in Nouveau Monde Graphite, Nemaska Lithium and Talon Metals (nickel) are ideally positioned to address this urgent need.

Slide Clean, Green The EV industry alone is expected to grow 26% per year from 2020 to 2030, with annual sales reaching approximately 34 million from just 3.1 million in 2020. This is expected to reach over 84 million by 2040, accounting for 62% of all vehicle sales.

Battery Materials Energy Storage THE EV CYCLE Hover over the icons to learn more. Renewable power sources Electric vehicles The power generation mix is changing toward clean energy.  Post 2035 it is estimated that more than 50% of power generation will be renewable. The trends are clear and the World is at the bottom of the growth curve. Now is the time to invest in the EV industry through critical battery materials. Pallinghurst is at the forefront of delivering the highly sought-after battery materials for the EV boom. The energy storage revolution will drive exponential growth in battery material demand in excess of 25x over the next decade.

Slide 1997 Toyota Prius Becomes First Mass-Produced Hybrid 2006 Arrival of Tesla Motors 2009 - 2014 Major Improvements In Charging Infrastructure 2010 Record Breaking Nissan Leaf Slide 2013 Cost of EV Batteries Drops By 50% 2014 Market Swells With New Models 2019 Pallinghurst-Traxys Formed In Historic Joint Venture 2020 Norway Sets Electric Car Record Slide 2021 International governments reaffirm commitments to electrification LANDMARKS OF THE MODERN ERA keyboard_arrow_left keyboard_arrow_right
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Pallinghurst and Traxys join forces – creating a joint venture to capitalise on the strong growth in demand for responsibly sourced battery materials

In November 2019, the Pallinghurst Group, and leading global commodities trader, Traxys, today announced the launch of the Pallinghurst-Traxys Battery Materials joint venture.
Through the Joint Venture, Pallinghurst and Traxys will invest in and establish controlling positions in projects to develop and supply responsibly and ethically sourced materials to the growing rechargeable battery and energy storage industry.

The Joint Venture expects to benefit from increased environmental awareness and commitment to decarbonisation from consumers and regulators, which has resulted in growing adoption of electric vehicles and global demand for rechargeable batteries. These trends are underpinned by strong financial support from many governments and changes in consumer preferences. Pallinghurst-Traxys also expects to benefit from an increase in installed energy storage capacities within electric grids.

Pallinghurst and Traxys join forces – creating a joint venture to capitalise on the strong growth in demand for responsibly sourced battery materials

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