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For the past 15 years, The Pallinghurst Group has been a world-leading investor in the metals and natural resources sector with a key focus on battery materials – facilitating the vital, global shift towards sustainable energy storage.


Strategic Investor In World’s Very First All Electric Open-Pit Mine

Pallinghurst is one of the cornerstone shareholders in Nouveau Monde Graphite, the Western World’s leading graphite battery anode company.

Investment Platform For The Global Battery Materials And Electric Vehicle Revolution

Pallinghurst targets investments in graphite, lithium and polymetallic deposits.

Collaboration with the Government of Quebec to Secure Nemaska

The investment into Nemaska Lithium will position Pallinghurst as a key player in the rapidly growing lithium-ion battery and energy storage industry.

The Pallinghurst Group is one of the world’s leading investment managers, with strategic investments across the natural resources sector globally.

Our proven strategy is to create industry-leading businesses, regardless of the market environment, and to actively manage the direction and development of each investment. Our expert team’s experience in the natural resources sector allows them to identify and deliver unique investment opportunities, unlocking value for all stakeholders from some of the most sought-after materials worldwide.

Pallinghurst’s key focus is to develop the critical materials necessary for the production of lithium-ion batteries. Underpinned by government regulations and consumer demand for green and sustainable energy options, demand for energy storage is expanding dramatically as electrification of mobility and storage of renewable energy accelerate. Pallinghurst is committed to sustainable and responsible development, engaging in projects that minimise environmental impact, whilst working closely with local communities and governments, producing reliable, carbon-neutral and ethically-sourced products.

The Pallinghurst Group has four investments in Graphite, Lithium, Platinum and Manganese:

Nouveau Monde Graphite (“NMG”) is one of the most developed graphite projects in North America and will help fill the North American graphite supply gap; supporting the global boom in EV adoption. NMG’s flagship Matawinie project will use standard natural graphite processing procedures to deliver high-purity, battery-grade graphite concentrate from an all-electric mining operation utilising hydroelectric power, creating one of the lowest carbon footprint mines in the world. MORE INFORMATION Sedibelo Platinum Mines is a mid-tier platinum group metals (PGMs) producer in South Africa, exploring and developing mining operations in a sustainable and responsible manner, to create long term value for all stakeholders and leave a lasting legacy beyond its mining activities. MORE INFORMATION Jupiter’s flagship asset, Tshipi, is the largest exporter of manganese ore from South Africa and a top-5 producer globally.

In 2007, The Pallinghurst Group sourced a proprietary greenfields opportunity to acquire 49.9% of a manganese deposit that was located adjacent to a major producer in South Africa. Manganese is a key component of steelmaking and South Africa hosts approximately 80% of the world’s known economically mineable resources.
Nemaska is set to be an environmentally-sustainable lithium hydroxide operation – given its proximity to “green” hydroelectricity providers, the low carbon-footprint will be an increasingly important differentiator in the battery and EV manufacturing supply chain. MORE INFORMATION

WHO WE ARE RESPONSIBLY EXTRACTED RESOURCES “Pallinghurst is spearheading the battery materials and energy storage revolution through the creation of a diversified battery raw materials platform.” Arne H. Frandsen

"Pallinghurst has 15 years of experience and a unique and multi-faceted team that understands the full value chain of the EV Revolution."

Andrew Willis - Partner, The Pallinghurst Group

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Pallinghurst and Traxys join forces – creating a joint venture to capitalise on the strong growth in demand for responsibly sourced battery materials

In November 2019, the Pallinghurst Group, and leading global commodities trader, Traxys, today announced the launch of the Pallinghurst-Traxys Battery Materials joint venture.
Through the Joint Venture, Pallinghurst and Traxys will invest in and establish controlling positions in projects to develop and supply responsibly and ethically sourced materials to the growing rechargeable battery and energy storage industry.

The Joint Venture expects to benefit from increased environmental awareness and commitment to decarbonisation from consumers and regulators, which has resulted in growing adoption of electric vehicles and global demand for rechargeable batteries. These trends are underpinned by strong financial support from many governments and changes in consumer preferences. Pallinghurst-Traxys also expects to benefit from an increase in installed energy storage capacities within electric grids.

Pallinghurst and Traxys join forces – creating a joint venture to capitalise on the strong growth in demand for responsibly sourced battery materials

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