Nouveau Monde Graphite

Nouveau Monde Graphite (“NMG”) is one of the most developed graphite projects in North America and will help fill the North American and European graphite supply gap; supporting the global boom in EV adoption. NMG’s flagship Matawinie project will use standard natural graphite processing to deliver high-purity graphite concentrate of >97% Cg and further process it through value added processing to supply the highly lucrative electric vehicle battery market, as well as access other high value markets. Operations will be based on an all-electric operation utilising hydroelectric power, creating one of the lowest carbon footprint mines in the world.

The management team and technical experts at NMG have vast experience in mining and downstream processing. Furthermore, NMG has an array of institutional investors and partners including the development and investment funds of the Canadian government.

In 2019, The Pallinghurst Group acquired a 19.99% interest in NMG and has now established itself as NMG’s strategic partner after the Group successfully completed a further investment in 2020. Pallinghurst sees NMG as a cornerstone to its focus on battery and energy storage materials, in line with its investment objective.

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