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For almost 20 years, The Pallinghurst Group has been a world-leading investor in the metals and natural resources sector with a key focus on battery materials – facilitating the vital, global shift towards sustainable energy storage.


Established almost 20 years ago, Pallinghurst is headquartered in London and has offices in Canada, Guernsey and Australia

Its multidisciplinary team of market experts are specialists in a variety of areas including exploration, geology and metallurgy.

Investment platform for the advancing electrification and battery materials revolution

Pallinghurst has held investments in platinum, nickel, graphite, lithium and manganese, to satisfy the explosion in demand.

Pallinghurst is regulated by the UK authorities

The Group holds membership to sustainable investment and battery materials alliances and institutions, including the European Battery Alliance, the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association.

Pallinghurst has invested US$2.5 billion in equity for projects around the world

As a world-leading strategic investor, Pallinghurst has a firm focus on investing in the entire value-chain for sustainably sourced critical battery and fuel-cell materials.

Pallinghurst invests in partnership with leading industry players and local governments

It is also committed to working closely with local communities, producing reliable, carbon-neutral and ethically-sourced products.

Sustainable, responsible, zero carbon footprint

Pallinghurst is focused on sustainable and responsible development, engaging in projects that minimise environmental impact and utilise renewable energy.


Welcome from Pallinghurst’s Co-Managing Partners:

When Pallinghurst was founded almost 20 years ago, it was based on the simple premise that as the world’s population expands and the GDP per capita grows further, there will be an increased need for sustainably sourced raw materials. Based on our team’s proven skills and expertise, Pallinghurst wants to identify, structure, fund, develop, and provide hands-on management for selective world-class assets and projects which secure those sought after minerals and metals to the end-users of today and in the future.

Pallinghurst’s exclusive focus is on investing in the full value-chain of key materials used for the global electrification and energy transition drive. At the core of Pallinghurst’s investment strategy is the need for the critical battery materials used for the Electrical Vehicle and Renewable Energy “Revolutions”.

Pallinghurst only invests into world-class projects located in investment grade countries, with democratic governments and the well-established rule of law and respect for human rights. Pallinghurst has a zero-tolerance-policy for harm to people and the environment, fully committed to leaving only a minimum carbon footprint, and promoting energy efficiency through innovation and technology.

When we invest, we aim at positioning Pallinghurst as the catalyst for unlocking value for all stakeholders, including fellow investors, management, employees as well as the broader host communities where we operate. Our firm commitment is to deliver above-market financial returns to our investors through responsible and sustainable value creation.

We are fully committed to the fair sharing of profit generated by the Pallinghurst Partnership. To this end, a minimum of 10% of all profit generated will be allocated to the Pallinghurst Charity Trust. The focus of the Pallinghurst Charity Trust is on child and youth education and health, targeting gender and race equality as well as the upliftment of historically disadvantaged individuals and groups.

Kind regards,


The Pallinghurst Group invests in the entire battery supply chain, partnering with many industry champions including:

"Pallinghurst has almost 20 years of experience and a unique and multi-faceted team that understands the full value chain of the EV Revolution."

Andrew Willis

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Pallinghurst and Traxys join forces – creating a joint venture to capitalise on the strong growth in demand for responsibly sourced battery materials

In November 2019, the Pallinghurst Group, and leading global commodities trader, Traxys, today announced the launch of the Pallinghurst-Traxys Battery Materials joint venture.
Through the Joint Venture, Pallinghurst and Traxys will invest in and establish controlling positions in projects to develop and supply responsibly and ethically sourced materials to the growing rechargeable battery and energy storage industry.

The Joint Venture expects to benefit from increased environmental awareness and commitment to decarbonisation from consumers and regulators, which has resulted in growing adoption of electric vehicles and global demand for rechargeable batteries. These trends are underpinned by strong financial support from many governments and changes in consumer preferences. Pallinghurst-Traxys also expects to benefit from an increase in installed energy storage capacities within electric grids.

Pallinghurst and Traxys join forces – creating a joint venture to capitalise on the strong growth in demand for responsibly sourced battery materials

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