Responsibly Extracted Resources


The Pallinghurst Group has a proven track record in the global metals and mining industry, with a key focus on the battery metals sector.

The ongoing electric vehicle revolution and the explosion in demand for energy storage will create demand for battery materials, which current production levels simply cannot satisfy. The battery materials sector is fragmented and currently offers consolidation opportunities at attractive asset prices.

Pallinghurst has invested in the Canadian graphite company, Nouveau Monde Graphite, a company set to play a vital role in the supply of battery materials in North America as the region’s largest producer of battery-grade graphite.

Pallinghurst is currently in the later stages of acquiring Nemaska Lithium, one of the world’s most attractive battery grade lithium assets, also based in North America. The acquisition is in collaboration with Investissement Québec, the investment arm of the Québec Government, and awaits final court approval in the coming weeks.

As a diversified investor, Pallinghurst acquires and develops assets of differing battery raw materials, to effectively manage commodity price risk through the cycle.

Existing Portfolio

Below are some of the market leading companies in which The Pallinghurst Group is currently invested.