Strategic Investor In World’s Very First All Electric Mining Project

Pallinghurst secures significant investment in Canadian graphite company.

Investment Platform For The Global Battery Materials And Electric Vehicle Revolution

Pallinghurst targets investments in graphite, lithium and polymetallic deposits.

Existing Investments Continue To Go From Strength To Strength

US$150 million returned to Jupiter investors in 2018 and 5.2 million fatality free shifts at Sedibelo Platinum.

Who We Are

Responsibly Extracted Resources

The Pallinghurst Group is one of the world’s leading investors in the global metals and mining sector demonstrating unparalleled developmental, operational and financial expertise in mining.

Formed in 2006, our unique strategy is to create industry-leading businesses regardless of the market environment, actively managing the direction and development of each investment.

Our expert team’s experience in the natural resources sector allows us to identify and deliver unique investment opportunities, unlocking value for all our stakeholders from some of the most sought-after commodities worldwide.

Focused on sustainable and responsible development, we work closely with the local communities and governments in which we operate.

The global electric vehicle and energy storage “revolution” is underway, underpinned by government regulations and consumer demand for green and sustainable energy options. The demand for battery raw materials is set to expand dramatically over the next decade – a “super-cycle” not dissimilar to the one experienced for steel raw materials a decade ago.

Pallinghurst is currently focused on responsibly sourced battery materials in Tier 1 jurisdictions.

“Pallinghurst is spearheading the battery materials and energy storage revolution through the creation of a diversified battery raw materials platform.” – Arne H. Frandsen


The Pallinghurst Group is a leading investor in the global metals and mining sector with significant development, operational and financial expertise in mining.


The Pallinghurst team have collectively over 200 years of experience in senior management and development of mining companies, private equity as well as natural resources investment banking.


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