The Team

The Pallinghurst team have collectively over 200 years of experience in senior management and development of mining companies, private equity as well as natural resources investment banking. We have a proven track record and an in-depth industry knowledge of assets, companies, people and trends. As a team, we pride ourselves on being recognised for our strategic insight and vision, decades of value creation, being highly regarded by international investors, and our trademark of pioneering innovative and sustainable transactions.

Since our formation in 2006, The Pallinghurst Group’s ethos has been built on integrity, sustainability, teamwork and leadership. Through those four pillars, The Pallinghurst Group is focused on providing its investors with superior and sustainable returns.

Our four partners are Brian Gilbertson, the Non-Executive Chairman, Arne H. Frandsen and Andrew Willis, the Managing Partners, and Chris Shepherd, Partner and Managing Director. For the past 10 years, all four have worked together as a team at The Pallinghurst Group.

The Partners provide The Pallinghurst Group with leadership and strategic guidance as well as hands-on management and execution oversight. As a team, the Partners have complementary skills and experience providing a unique skillset which in turn unlocks and maximises the potential of its portfolio companies. Through a unique hands-on approach, the Pallinghurst Team provides management and oversight which in turn maximises value for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

The Partners are supported by an experienced team of the highest calibre professionals. The complementary skills of the professional individuals of the Pallinghurst Team, provides a complete knowledge base which enables us to do our asset evaluations, deal execution as well as ongoing management in house.

In addition to its core team, Pallinghurst has identified a group of highly qualified senior mining professionals as well as experienced financial managers, who will be available to become direct employees of the companies Pallinghurst invests in – if and when such needs are required.

The Pallinghurst Group is Headquartered in London, with offices in the Channel Islands, South Africa and Canada.

The Partners

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