Nouveau Monde Graphite is one of the world’s most advanced graphite projects, which is strategically positioned in North America and will become a key supplier to support the energy storage and EV revolution. NMG’s flagship Matawinie project will deliver high-purity, battery-grade products, utilising hydroelectric power - creating one of the lowest carbon footprint mines in the world.

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“The confidence that the Quebec and Canadian governments have shown in our project attests to the robustness of our business strategy. Our team has always striven to make sustainable development, innovation and sound governance key priorities.”

Éric Desaulniers, CEO of Nouveau Monde

In 2017, The Pallinghurst Group identified that the ongoing EV revolution and the explosion in demand for energy storage would create unprecedented demand for battery materials, which the prevailing production levels would not be able to satisfy. The battery materials sector is fragmented and currently offers consolidation opportunities at attractive asset prices.

Pallinghurst is dedicated to developing value-added products as part of its commitment to sustainable development and ensuring the greatest possible success of its projects. Through the identification of core competencies, our projects have been able to achieve cost reductions and product differentiation and NMG has been able to achieve this through its vertical integration strategy. The strategy, from graphite ore to advanced battery material, offers a unique value proposition to battery makers – they will now have a reliable and secure source of low-cost, carbon-neutral value-added products, underpinned by clean and renewable energy.

Éric Desaulniers, CEO of Nouveau Monde, added: “We have produced about 500 tonnes of product so far that can reach 98% and sometimes 99% purity just after a simple flotation process to qualify our product with customers. The grade of the deposit is 4.5% carbon graphite, similar to what is produced in China, the biggest producer of flake graphite with about 70% of the market.”

Nouveau Monde have recently shared an insightful video from Levi Hildebrand who analysed their business model from an everyday eco-activist perspective, propelling their stance on a sustainable energy revolution as a result of their zero-carbon battery materials:

To read more about Nouveau Monde, please visit:

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Pallinghurst and Traxys join forces – creating a joint venture to capitalise on the strong growth in demand for responsibly sourced battery materials

In November 2019, the Pallinghurst Group, and leading global commodities trader, Traxys, today announced the launch of the Pallinghurst-Traxys Battery Materials joint venture.
Through the Joint Venture, Pallinghurst and Traxys will invest in and establish controlling positions in projects to develop and supply responsibly and ethically sourced materials to the growing rechargeable battery and energy storage industry.

The Joint Venture expects to benefit from increased environmental awareness and commitment to decarbonisation from consumers and regulators, which has resulted in growing adoption of electric vehicles and global demand for rechargeable batteries. These trends are underpinned by strong financial support from many governments and changes in consumer preferences. Pallinghurst-Traxys also expects to benefit from an increase in installed energy storage capacities within electric grids.

Pallinghurst and Traxys join forces – creating a joint venture to capitalise on the strong growth in demand for responsibly sourced battery materials

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